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    Mediation to Stay Married; Postnuptial Agreements

    Marriage Mediation offers a next step or even a supplement to marriage counseling.

    Many couples, married or co-habitating, want to stay together but have not been able to find effective ways of resolving their differences, resulting in disputes that lead them to consider divorce or separation. It can be extremely beneficial to intentionally identify and discuss the problematic issues, negotiate possible solutions and put those plans and goals in writing. An example without names and based on this couple’s general income (upon which all child support and maintenance determinations are made; in other words, amounts are vastly different for each family and are provided for illustrative purposes only):

    “If [Husband] continues to gamble from the family savings account, the children and [Wife] will move out of the family home on or before the 1st of the month after which the gambling is discovered. A “safety” checking account in the amount of $15,000 will be set up in [Wife’s] name only at [ABC] Bank on or before the date this Agreement is signed. If after 6 months, the gambling is continuing and [Husband] has not started an in-patient addiction recovery treatment program, a Petition for Divorce or Legal Separation will be filed by [Wife] and [Husband] agrees to immediately start paying temporary child support/spousal maintenance in the amount of $4500 per month until the Court with jurisdiction over the Divorce or Legal Separation formally orders an amount to be paid to [Wife] for child support and spousal maintenance based on [Husband’s] income and our assets.”

    Marriage Mediation and the negotiation of a post-nuptial agreement can help couples communicate and address specific, concrete problems, weather rough times and eventually strengthen their marriage or partnership with mutually satisfying and long-lasting results.