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    Parenting Coordination-Decision Making (“PC-DM”)

    Many co-parents regularly find themselves in disagreements as to how to implement their court-approved parenting plan and specific parenting decisions, including major decisions that may even affect the health or safety of the children. In such situations, a Parenting Coordinator-Decision Maker (“PC-DM”) can help peacefully and expeditiously resolve these day-to-day parenting issues. 

    With over 25 years’ experience working with families and children in the legal system and 20 years’ experience as the parent of five children, we offer compassionate yet practical and reasonable advice and suggestions to parents in areas of disagreement. In addition to listening to the parents’ specific concerns, we also spend time getting to know the family and the child’s personality as well as the day-to-day family dynamics and specifics of the living arrangements. We fully understand that parenting styles differ as do families’ values and so we always seek to reach a solution that is consistent with your personal values, beliefs and goals as a parent.

    The PC-DM’s role is to guide the parents in implementing all aspects of the parenting plan. The first step is attempting to help the parents reach an agreement on particular issues but when agreement is not possible, the PC-DM will act as the decision-maker or tie-breaker to avoid a stalemate. Children’s lives can move quickly and so we also move quickly whenever possible so that requesting and receiving our assistance does not take hours of your time or require any part of the child’s life to be put on hold. 

    Quite frequently, we will see communication issues between the parents and/or external factors, such as stress during Covid-19 with parents working from home while also caring for and even educating their children. In such cases, we may seek to assist the parents in resolving these important outlying issues so as to better facilitate future communication and cooperation in the future, ideally without needing the assistance of a PC-DM at all. In other words, we have succeeded in our role as PC-DM when you no longer need a PC-DM.